The CFE Classic (Canbus Function Extender Classic edition) adds functions to your Volvo without making changes to your Volvo.

Hooked up to the OBD connector in your Volvo (or alternatively to another Canbus location in the Volvo) it works immediately, adding functions like: automatic window up, folding mirrors automatically at car closure, starting power heater with original remote, showing engine temp, battery voltage, inner temp on information display...etc etc

...making your 'older' Volvo 2018 ready!

The CFE is shipped with basic settings, which settings you can change (enable or disable / change the behaviour) with the free software available in the downloads section of the website.

What functions will work in my car?

Download the free configuration application from the downloads section of our website, enter the VIN (=chassic number) of your car and see what functions are made available for the Volvo belonging to the modelyear/age filtered from the VIN number you entered.
Please read the functions manual to understand how functions work and what depencies might be.

How does the CFE work?
The CFE listens to network information (data packets) on the low-speed Canbus (the digital network in your Volvo).
This low-speed Canbus is used to communicate between the different (non-driving/safety related!) computers.
The CFE is able to understand the communications between the computers and respond to it as were it one of the computers in the car.
So for example; if the CFE understands from the communications that the key is entered in the ignition, it will instruct any available side-view mirror to unfold.

There is NO change made to your Volvo by the CFE.
If the CFE is removed (just pull it out of the OBD port or the port used to make the alternative connection) your Volvo is as original as it was before the CFE was connected.
The CFE can be used in any supported Volvo, and is not bound to the particular Volvo it was originally bought for.

I see different CFE's offered, what are the differences?
CFE LE -> Light Edition, no changes possible by application, no configuration harness supplied, limited functionality

CFE Classic -> this version

CFE Plus -> an even more advanced CFE, offering more functions and covering a broader range of Volvo models

In the set:
 - CFE Classic (Electronics unit, OBD Connector shaped ECU)
 - CFE Classic Configuration cable (for configuration and firmware updates)
 - USB cable (for connection between the CFE Classic Configuration cable and your PC)

Set options:
Alternatively to using the OBD port (MY 2005 and up), the following alternative hookup harnesses are available (Required for MY 1999-2004!)
(* See downloads / manuals to find out more about the connection cables.)
- DVD RTI connection harness (requires DVD-RTI navigation to be installed)
- AEM connection harness (requires an AEM connector to be available on the Volvo)
- Manual Connection harness (no requirements, can always be used)

Items supplied in set
Configuration/Update cable

YES  ( USB <-> CFE )

Harness for functional user connections NO  (Not required for CFE)
Harness to Auxiliairy NO  (Not required for CFE)
Harness to Can-network (CanBus)

NO  (Not required, connects to OBD port directly)

Harness to Display NO  (Not required for CFE)
Harness to MEL-network (MELBUS)

NO  (Not required for CFE)

Harness to MOST-network (MOSTBus)

NO  (Not required for CFE)

Harness to Power

NO  (Included in the CanBus harness, or directly from OBD)

Harness to Radio NO  (Not required for CFE)
Installation / User manual NO  (Available under downloads / manuals of the website. If your require additional info, please contact us!)
Unit (Electronics unit)

YES  ( CFE computer with embedded OBD connector )

Available to user USB connection (supplied cable) for programming and updating with a PC.
Network of Volvo Connected to the Canbus of your Volvo using the OBD port, available in all supported Volvo's. (or alternatively trough an optional connection cable, see options).
Update possible by user User can update the CFE using the Updater Application available for free in the downloads section of our website.
Time required (estimate) Installation : 15 seconds (open OBD hatch, push in CFE and close hatch). Configuration : preconfigured to be used directly
Tools required None
Volvo Dealer updates required None
Tools optional Torx 20 (Only to adjust OBD connector position slightly in case hatch won't close after CFE positioning)
Volvo Dealer compliant YES (CFE switches to OFF if it finds a Volvo computer on the Can network automatically)
Unit dimensions App. 5x3x2 cm
Power consumption (On mode) App. 200 mA
Power consumption (Off mode) App. 2 mA
Power On/Off logic Trough Canbus logic
Unit activation

Automatically activated. Mode switch possibe (summer/winter/off) with long-press on Reset button in car (left lever) or by PC application.

If the CFE finds a Volvo Service computer (Vida/Dice) on the Canbus, it automatically goes in "off" mode to avoid Service interruptions.

Development state
Firmware Bugfixing and limited development
Hardware Final (No changes to hardware expected anymore)
Software Final (No changes to software expected anymore)
Added Functions to your Volvo
Description of added functions

Please read the functions manual to fully understand how functions operate and if there are any requirements to your Volvo for a certain function to work properly!
(list of functions below based on Firmware version 9.54 , for supported Volvo models of modelyear 2005 and up).

  1. Auto unlock all doors when driver door is openend
  2. Retract mirrors at car lock
  3. Extend mirrors at car unlock
  4. Mirror angling when car is in reverse
  5. Windows automatically UP at car lock
  6. Windows automatically DOWN at car unlock
  7. Close sunroof at car lock
  8. Open sunroof at car open
  9. Extend approach lights with reverse lights
  10. Auto ON approach lights
  11. Switch parking heater on/off with car remote
  12. Gauge sweep at ignition on
  13. Mute HU volume when car is in reverse
  14. DIM messages welcome / goodbye
  15. DIM messages can be personalized
  16. Automatic door-lock at speed X
  17. Automatic mirror angling if car in reverse
  18. Outside mirror lights on with keyfob unlock
  19. Driver information on DIM (innertemp/engine temp etc)

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CFE Classic (Canbus-Function-Extender CLASSIC) (VT-0161)

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