• Aux interface (MMMi Aux P2) (VT-01713)

The MMMi set creates an auxiliary input in your Volvo.                                                                                  
Generally installed if only FM and CD are available in the Volvo.


MMMi : Most Multi Media Interface
Aux : Auxilairy input (typically used to connect to headphone jack of smartphone/ipod)
MOST : Type of network in your Volvo, fiber optics connection


MMMi set
The MMMi is the only device in the world which is capable of connecting to nearly any Volvo head unit with MOST interface and play music trough that!
Using the original Volvo in-car amplifier, stereo settings (bass/treble and if available also the equalizer!), integration is as original like as possible.

The device is suitable to connect to all types of Radio Units with- and without CD-Exchangers, from basic to premium audio, it does not matter.

Because the MMMi is connected into the existing MOST fiber optic ring, all original functions like Parking sensors, Navigation instructions, original (Bluetooth) telephone and traffic information (FM) will continue working as it is right now.


- Radio of the type Base, Performance, High Performance, Premium or Dynaudio
- Supported Volvo type

In the set:
- MMMi interface (Electronics unit)
- MOST harness and connector (for connection of the MMMi to the head unit)
- Combined power, switch and RCA harness (supplies power to the unit), switch (activation of the unit) en RCA (connection to your music player)

More information:

- Connection sheet  


Available to user RCA (Female): Left/Right channel (Red/White), Available length app. 20cm.
Power Connected to 12V+ (battery) and ground, Connectors supplied.
Network of Volvo Connect to the MOST bus (fiber optic) network, Connectors supplied.
Update possible by VolvoTech Product is shipped with fitting firmware for the selected Volvo type and Radio/Amplifier configuration. If change is required, product needs a temprorary return to VolvoTech for update.
Time required (estimate) Private / first time installer : 2.5 hrs, General car technician : 1.5 hrs, Volvo Trained technician : 1.0 hrs
Tools required Fishbone, Torx 20 (T20), Towel (or similar) to protect interior parts, Small flat screwdriver
Volvo Dealer updates required None, set works out of the box.
Tools optional Multi-meter
Unit dimensions App 10x3x6 cm
Power consumption (On mode) App. 300mA
Power consumption (Off mode) App. 2mA
Power On/Off logic Trough MOST signalling (automatic)
Unit activation Microswitch (supplied)

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Aux interface (MMMi Aux P2) (VT-01713)

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  • Product Code: VT-01713
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