Complete Plug&Play Reverse camera set, rearview camera and additional video entry and audio switch.

The set is connected to available connectors in the Volvo, completely with connectors/quick connects, so there will be no damage to your Volvo's original wiring!
(So no soldering / wire cutting at all!)

After installation the Sensus functions stay available as they were before.
Switching to the reverse camera is fully automatic, as soon as the car's gear is set to Reverse, the camera is switched on and the Sensus screen switches over to the Rearview camera image.

To activate the additional available video-in port, a switch is supplied or a long-press on the NAV button can be done to perform the switch.
Parking lines are available and work based on steering wheel position and show guidance to the reverse path.
(* note : for this to work, canbus information should match the information pre-stored in the canbus unit we supply! In some cases this function will not work (information from car does not match stored info) and unfortunately we can not foresee this.) 

The reverse camera always overrules any Sensus source (also the on the VBB7  additional available video-in), Camera comes first.

Even in darkness, the camera works fine, the reversing light of your Volvo produce enough light for the camera to work. 


In de set:
- VBB7 (Electronics unit)
- Cableset Screen (For connections in the navigation screen)
- Cableset Power and canbus  (For power to the VBB7, controlling on and off, reverse signal and steering wheel information)
- Camera set (Mini camera), including harness to the VBB7

Available to user 2x RCA Composite Video (Female) 1x RCA Composite Video (Female) in use for reversing camera 2x L/R composite audio-IN 1x L/R composite audio-OUT 1x RGB in
Power Connected to the Navigation screen (pcb with connector)
Network of Volvo Canbus trough (supplied) canbus interface
Update possible by VolvoTech Product is shipped with latest firmware and not expected to change anymore
Time required (estimate) Private / first time installer : 3.5 hrs, General car technician : 2.5 hrs, Volvo Trained technician : 2.0 hrs
Tools required Fishbone, Torx 20 (T20), Towel (or similar) to protect interior parts, Drill (9mm), towel, tape
Volvo Dealer updates required None, set works out of the box
Tools optional Multimeter
Unit dimensions App. 13x8x3 cm (unit)
Power consumption (On mode) App. 195mA
Power consumption (Off mode) 2 mA
Power On/Off logic Canbus interface
Unit activation Reversing camera : automatic Additional video ports : switch / longpress on NAV button

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Reverse Camera set (Mini cam) and Video interface (VBB7) (VT-01881)

  • Brand: VolvoTech.EU
  • Product Code: VT-01881
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 449.00€

  • Ex Tax: 371.07€

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