The iMIV LE+ is the premium multimedia integration unit for your Volvo. It has the capability to not only seamlessly integrate your iPod, iPad or iPhone but also opens up the possibility for an auxiliary device such as a portable audio players, and includes a bluetooth audio streaming option (A2DP).

iMIV Classic MFI
iMIV -> iPod Multi Media Melbus Module (pronounce : i-m-4)
LE+ -> Smaller brother of the iMIV Classic, the LE+ does not support video playback and aux port is Minijack instead of RCA.
iPod -> iPod, iPhone, iPad, every iPod/iPhone/iPad version, optionally a convertor harness could be required (30pin to lightning for example)
Aux -> every music device with a line-out / headphone connector (3.5mm minijack)
A2DP -> Bluetooth audio streaming
MFI -> Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad certified by Apple, this device contains an Apple chip which warrants compatability and optimal audio quality (full kbit audio range is available, the device is certified by Apple). 

In an effort to provide a complete solution the iMIV LE+ also has great features such as:
•Song titles, Artist and Playlist information on the radio screen
•Control of an iPod/iPhone from the radio or steering wheel controls (but still controllable trough iPod/iPhone/iPad itselves!)
•Automatic pausing and resuming of the iPod/iPhone/iPad when the vehicle is turned off

How does the iMIV LE+ work?
The iMIV LE+ is able to emulate OEM peripherals that were optional in Volvo vehicles.
By doing this the iMIV LE+ can effectively communicate with the OEM Volvo radio, and utilize every feature available.
To provide the most complete solution available the iMIV LE+ emulates two peripherals, one for the iPod, iPad or iPhone and one for the Audio input.

To make the iMIV Classic set as complete as possible and to support a variaty of handsets/smartphones, a bluetooth Dock is supplied in the set as well.
The functionality with bluetooth has liberately been keept small, high quality audio (A2DP-3 with backwards compatability) and volume and fwd/rev controls, to support a largest possible variaty of phones for Bluetooth audio streaming.
Click dock on 30pin Apple connector, Pair, Play, enjoy.
(even with an Android phone, blackberry, Nokia etc.)

The iMIV will be supplied to you with the right firmware to fit your Volvo.
If you ever decide to move your iMIV to another Volvo, there is optional firmware available for our VolvoTech clients to adjust settings and options so the iMIV will work in that Volvo as well.

In the set:
 - iMIV LE+adapter (Electronic unit)
 - Melbus cable (Connects the unit to the HU)
- melbus splitter (connects original melbus devices like RTI)
 - Power cable  (Supplies power to the unit)
 - iPod cable (30 pin dock type)
 - BT Dock (Allows practically every phone to play music trough the iMIV via Bluetooth streaming!)

iMIV products are excluded from return unless for warranty reasons; because of licenses and the kind of materials belonging to the set.

Available to user iPod 30pin, Bluetooth streaming, Audio-in (minijack)
Power Connected to the HU power source (quickconnect, plug and play)
Network of Volvo Melbus, connected to the HU radio (connector, plug and play) with splitter to reconnect the existing Melbus cable going to the navigation computer in the trunk.
Update possible by user Yes, the unit can be updated by the user (changed for text support to different HU radio, add reversing camera autoswitch, add video while in motion support)
Time required (estimate) Private / first time installer : 1 hr, General car technician : 0.45hr, Volvo Trained technician : 0.45hr
Tools required Fishbone, Torx 20 (T20), Towel (or similar) to protect interior parts
Volvo Dealer updates required None, set works out of the box.
Tools optional None
Unit dimensions App. 10x6x4 cm (iMIV)
Power consumption (On mode) App. 2.4A if charging an Apple device, App. 0.4A if using bluetooth for audio streaming,
Power consumption (Off mode) App. 4mA
Power On/Off logic Automatic trough Melbus logic
Unit activation Select source on HU. Sources (SAT and CD-C) get activated by the iMIV on the HU automatically

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Aux / Bluetooth / iPod (iMIV LE+ HU-X50 RTI) (VT-0145)

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