To help you out understanding particular terms used in our website, please find here a readme page which should help you out!


 VINChassis number of the car (starts with YV1)
 MYModel Year of the car, can be read from the VIN. 10th digit is modelyear!
 CanbusDigital network type for communication between different 'computers' (twisted copper wires)
 MelbusNetwork type for communication between audio and navigation devices (copper wires)
 MOSTbusNetwork type for communication between audio and navigation devices (fiber optic)
 AuxExternal connection for music playback (generally used to connect to headphones connector of a phone or mp3 player)
 iPodApple music device 
OBDOnBoard Diagnostic port (available in any Volvo from 1999 up to today) 
AEMAftermarket Electronics Module  
 RTIVolvo's name for Navigation systems (Route and Traffic Information)  from MY 1999-2011
 SensusVolvo's name for Media and car-info and configuration, typically available from MY 2012-2014
 Sensus ConnectVolvo's name for Media, car-info and configuration and internet in the Volvo, typically available from MY 2015 - today
(Sensus connect systems have a "globe" button on the center stack, at the right top)






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