CFE Plus Updater problem after Microsoft Windows 10 Update

As a result of a Spring update from Microsoft for (at least) WIndows 10, we've found that the CFE Plus udpater won't start anymore suddenly.

This has to do with Microsoft not handling Smartscreen filtering in the right way.

A shortcut from the desktop is not seen as an application and therefore does not actually result in a popup asking you to run or not, it will just close the app again.

To solve this temporarily you can manually start the EXE (the actual executable) once so smartscreen will popup and allow you to select "run anyways".

You can find the EXE in a folder after:


Where the "users" folder might be localized!

And the <username> folder is the name of the user currently logged-in.

You'll need to search trough folders there, we can't tell in which folder it is exactly.

In case you do not see the AppData folder, make sure you're logged in as local administrator and have set "view hidden folders and files" to "on".

For more info:

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